Cameos & Celebrity Acts

We have a band that can support any frontline artist, popular host, TV personality and theatre star.

If you have a special guest and they sing, then lets get 'em up and blow your audience away with a spectacular cameo song or set. We can arrange a special guest artist for you if you'd prefer that, it's all workable. This is the original backing band!

Awards nights, stings, play ons, play offs - make your event just like the Oscars!

However you see it working, we're there to support and build into your event. This band of professional musicians and vocalists can suit any stage and format, don’t hesitate to ask!

We have worked with the following artists who each provide exceptional entertainment as a cameo option for any event:

  • Jimmy Cupples (The Voice Series 1)
  • Andrew De Silva (Australias Got Talent /  CDB)
  • Vika & Linda Bull
  • Tania Doko / Bachelor Girl
  • Glenn Whitehall (The Voice Series 1)
  • Ross Wilson
  • James Reyne
  • David Hobson (Opera / It Takes Two)
  • Joe Camileri ( Black Sorrows)
  • Marty Fields - Comedian
  • Gary Pinto (CDB / Barnes)
  • Ben Price - Comedian (Australia's Got Talent)
  • The Rat Packs Back / Boys in the Band / The Diamonds 

Cameos & Celebrity Acts Gallery