The Hallmarks

100% Aussie hit parade showband. This band was created for the corporate entertainment market as a dance and showcase act. We feature a remarkable four piece vocal frontline and a full backing band. Nothing is pre-recorded, the whole show is live on stage.

If your audience would love the classic Aussie-band hits like Shout!, Eagle Rock, Without You, Physical and Friday on My Mind then we're the band for you & whether you're Home or Away, there's a party in the back of the Kingswood! Leave the money on the fridge!

If they'd like the dance disco hits of the Bee Gee's, Kylie and Marcia Hines then it's time to say "Kimmie... look at moui, look at moui... grab the keys to the 'Baroina' turn left out of fountain lakes call all the neighbours and get on down to the groovy moves, yah big hunka spunk!”

If they'd enjoy the likes of the Hoodoo Gurus, Taxi Ride, Hunters & Collectors, Aussie Crawl, Dragon, The Angels, AC/DC, Barnesey and Farnsey then you'd better charge up the Weber and grab the snags, tie up the Blue Heelers down in the shed 'cause the parties goin' off!

The current Australian hit parade has heaps of Aussie acts in it. We've got songs form The Veronica's, Rogue Traders, Kylie, Powderfinger, and more. The repertoire is always expanding... just like Rove and Eddie's bank balances.

This isn't a rock act, we need to make that really clear. We enjoy getting the dance floor full and playing songs that your audience know and love, what's even better is the songs we play were made famous by our own Aussie Sons & Daughters.

The Hallmarks Band is very versatile and can be themed for any event.

  • Goodmorning Charlie
    Songs from the Vietnam era.
  • The Front 
    Songs of the leading front men & women of Rock.
  • The House Band 
    The perfect band to accompany any conference or gala event.
  • Surf Patrol 
    Bringing the beach party vibe.

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